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Celebrating LGBT History Month

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Celebrating LGBT History Month

For a full run down of events, click HERE!

This February we will be observing LGBT History Month, a celebration of LGBT history and the history of the gay rights movement. LGBT History Month is an opportunity to recognise the accomplishments of LGBT people and to celebrate LGBT culture.

LGBT+ Officer Jordanne Wozencroft and the University of Worcester LGBT+ Society have organised a number of events throughout the month for students to get involved in. Look out for their LGBT+ Society stall in the SU at various points throughout the month to come and find out more about LGBT History Month and the Society. In conjunction with the University Go Green Week, on 14th February the Society will also be making a clothes donation rainbow. Come along to The Hangar between 11 and 2 and donate some of your unwanted clothes.

We’re also looking for you to get creative. Bring along your LGBT+ inspired artwork, photography, poetry, or writing to the LGBT+ Society stall. At the end of the month, all your submissions will be showcased in the SU building.

And make sure you keep an eye out throughout the month for other special events in the SU and around campus, including an LGBT party in The Hangar, guest speakers, and our very special LGBT cocktail.

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A word from Jordanne Wozencroft, LGBT+ Officer

“It’s easy for me to forget as an LGBT+ student in 2018 that the LGBT+ community went through years of fighting for the rights we have today. LGBT individuals were not allowed to serve in the military, get married, adopt, or change their legal gender, and it was till illegal to be gay in the UK only 50 years ago.

For me, LGBT History Month offers an opportunity to reflect on the actions of LGBT icons who have paved the way for an accepting and comfortable future. A future where your sexuality doesn’t define who you are and how you should be treated, just who you love.”



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