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Celebrating Black History Month

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What is Black History Month?

First commemorated in the UK in 1987, Black History Month remembers inspirational people and events from within BME communities. Over the course of the month we will remember and celebrate important figures from the past, alongside those who contribute and help our society today.

Why do we need Black History Month?

Overt and institutionalised racism are still  present throughout the UK. Black History Month gives us an opportunity to learn from past experiences and celebrate the economic, cultural, and political contributions from black communities within the UK. By telling the stories of inspirational figures from the past, we can make sure these stories are not lost and become a part of our historical consciousness.

What does Black History Month mean to you?

The Students’ Union will be holding an art competition asking students to submit their own artwork on the theme of ‘What Black History Month means to me’. The best submissions will be showcased around the university, with the winner being given pride of place in the Students’ Union. Full details will be posted on Facebook, so stay tuned to find out more.


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