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50 things you could do in lockdown 2.0

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In need of some inspiration for lockdown activities? Check out our suggestions...

1. Join the Coronavirus Community Group on Facebook and take part in virtual events and activities.

2. Learn to make mince pies.

3. Start your online Christmas shopping.

4. Get involved with the Movember challenge.

5. Update your CV or LinkedIn profile.

6. Learn some new words in another language (Ahoj! - that's 'hello' in Czech).

7. Order some delicious food from Made using the Time2Eat app.

8. Explore virtual volunteering opportunities.

9. Sort through the millions of photos on your phone.

10. Unfollow accounts on Instagram and follow ones that inspire you instead.

11. Travel the world with Google Earth.

12. Go for a walk/run/cycle.

13. Watch your favourite TV show from start to finish.

14. Take a virtual trip to a zoo.

15. Cook a meal you’ve never made before.

16. Try out paint by numbers.

17. Work out with Joe Wicks

18. Make your own Christmas cards.

19. Live stream the Northern Lights.

20. Run a virtual quiz.

21. Got lost in a new podcast.

22. Stretch. Downward Dog it out with a YouTube stretching routine.

23. Clear out your wardrobe and donate things you don't want to charity.

24. Create your own signature cocktail.

25. Learn how to juggle.

26. De-clutter your kitchen.

27. Rearrange your furniture.

28. Come up with a detailed plan for tackling current and future Uni work.

29. Build a family legacy in The Sims.

30. Do a free online course.

31. Jigsaw puzzles and brain teasers.

32. Meditate or practice mindfulness.

33. Create your bucket list – what are your hopes and dreams?

34. Decide on your very own Desert Island Discs.

35. Write a letter to your future self.

36. Do a 'second a day' video.

37. Support local businesses or leave a positive review on their website/google.

38. Make your own bird feeder and hang it outside.

39. Play a board game you've never played before.

40. Get crafty and create your own Christmas tree ornaments/decorations.

41. Read a book from start to finish.

?42. Hoover your car.

43. Try baking a vegan cake recipe.

44. Empty your inbox and unsubscribe to those pesky emails.

45. Facetime the family.

46. Play balloon volleyball.

47. Make a time capsule for you and your housemates.

48. Write and post a hand-written letter to an old friend.

49. Plan a dream road trip.

50. Sleep, rest and take it easy.


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