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It’s so easy to get caught up in the rush of finding a new house to rent.  Finding a house for next year, in the midst of the pandemic, doesn't have to be added to your list of worries. It's so important to step back and evaluate the current situation and know your tenancy rights and responsibilities before you sign on the dotted line.

Here are just some of the many reasons why you should not rush into a new contract:

Once you've signed a contract, it can be incredibly difficult to leave before the end of the fixed term.

Tenancy Agreements are legally binding documents and once you’ve signed one it can be incredibly difficult to leave before the end of the fixed term. Most student private housing contracts are fixed term. This means you will be liable to pay rent for the whole duration of the fixed term. Most of the time the only way to leave a student tenancy agreement early is to find a suitable replacement tenant.

We advise you to make use of the SU Contract Checking Service to ensure you are aware of the contractual obligations and limitations before you sign and agree to these terms.

There are more houses than students to fill them

Despite what you may have heard, there's no real shortage of student housing in Worcester. Try not to feel pressured into looking for somewhere to live now, when you may have only just moved to Worcester yourself! You will be able to find a house for you and your future housemates regardless of when you start looking, and your SU is always hear to support you in your search. 

Student Pad launches in late January

Student Pad is the University and SU's official property search website, which goes live in late January. It lists all accredited landlords and houses for Worcester students and you're almost guaraunteed to find the right place for you. 

Virtual viewings vs in-person viewings

Virtual house viewings can't always provide you with all the crucial information needed to make your decision. Are there damp patches, for example? Is the property well looked after? What is the noise like? Being able to visit a house in person allows you to identify any potential problems or warning signs. However, safety comes first, and therefore we strongly encourage you to wait until it's safe to attend house viewings in person. 

This situation is ever-changing.

None of us know exactly what will happen over the next few months. You may not want to tie yourself into a housing contract too early, only to find that you’ll experience difficulty leaving it early if you need to.


There are many different pressures for students at the moment, so don’t make next year’s house one of them!

The SU also offers a free contract checking service. Click here to find out more.

If you're looking for housemates or advertising a room, you can also join our Housemate Finder group on Facebook.