Help & Advice

Providing independent, confidential, and impartial advice to all University of Worcester students
We would always advise against taking drugs and we have no intention of normalising drug-taking. However, if you or a friend chooses to take drugs, the following can help you avoid as much harm as possible. This advice comes from reputable external sources:
  • Never mix drugs and never take drugs if you've been drinking alcohol
  • Never take drugs with people you don't know or in unfamiliar environments
  • Always tell someone you're with what you've taken - if something goes wrong they'll need to know so you can get the right medical attention
  • Start off small - take a very small amount - the purity of drugs can mean that some might be stronger than you anticipate

If you think that you or a friend have developed an unhealthy relationship with drugs and would like to seek advice or help for this, please see the links below; 

Wedinos gives loads of information about drugs and their effects

Frank a free confidential service offering young people information about drugs

Swanswell are a national drug and alcohol charity covering Worcestershire

Narcotics Anonymous is a not-for-profit organisation for recovering addicts to meet regularly to help each other stay clean

  • Website:
  • Telephone: 0300 999 1212

Drugs Training is an independent training agency providing education on a range of current drug issues and also gives lots of useful information

If you need any further help and advice, or wish to talk to someone in confidence, contact the Help & Advice service