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During their time at university, many students will form a relationship with alcohol. It's important for you to know your limits and the affects that excessive drinking can have.

The recommended safe limits for alcohol are:

  • For men: 21 units per week (no more than 4 units in a day)
  • For women: 14 units per week (no more than 3 units in a day)

Drinking more than 10 units in one go for a man, or 6 units for a woman, is classed as binge drinking and poses a risk to your health. The following tips can help you avoid binge drinking and cut down on your alcohol consumption:

  • Make sure you have several drink-free days per week
  • Keep track of units - a pint of beer is equal to 3 units and a small glass of wine (125ml) is equal to 1.5
  • Alternate alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones
  • Substitute your normal drinks with low-alcoholic alternatives
  • Avoid pre-drinking before you head out
  • Don't get pulled into buying rounds - especially if everyone else is drinking at a faster rate than you


Alcohol Dependency 

It is estimated that 1 in 10 men in the UK show since of alcohol dependency and 1 in 20 women. If you think that you or a friend have developed an unhealthy relationship with alcohol and would like to seek advice or help for this, please see the links below;

Alcoholics Anonymous Help for people who want to stop drinking from people who have stopped

Swanswell are a national drug and alcohol charity covering Worcestershire

The Drink Aware Trust A charity that promotes responsible drinking. Use their online unit calculator and download resources. 

RLSS a drowning prevention charity and leading provider of water safety and drowning prevention education

If you need any further help and advice, or wish to talk to someone in confidence, contact the Help & Advice service