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If you have paid for a service to be carried out, for example, a haircut, and it has not been done to a satisfactory standard you can ask the provider of the service:

  • to do it again
  • for a discount on what was paid
  • work done on your home or car repairs aren't included

Get the service done again, or get a part refund

The law says you must first give them the option of providing the service again if it’s possible for them to do so. But you’re legally entitled to go straight to getting a discount if any of the following apply:

  • it’s not possible to get the service done again
  • it would take too long to get the service done again
  • it would be very inconvenient for you to get the service done again

The trader might agree to give you a discount rather than re-do the service if that’s what you’d prefer - you’ll have to ask and see what they say.

If you told them that their service was good enough when it was done, you don’t have the legal right to get it done again or get a discount.