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Turnitin is an online service which can help detect and prevent plagiarism by matching work submitted to other works in their database and on the web. An originality report is produced which allows users to check the sources which match and ascertain if they have been properly cited.

The primary use of Turnitin at the University is to support students in understanding academic integrity and in the development and execution of the academic skills associated with referencing required in higher education. Turnitin is also be used to assist academic staff in the detection of plagiarism.

Current use of Turnitin within the University differs depending on what Institute you are part of.

The University have issued an internim policy statement regarding Turnitin.

Academic Misconduct Procedures

Often Turnitin is used in conjunction with the University's Academic Misconduct procedures. If you are suspected of copying another student's work or plagiarising your assignment can be analysed by the Turnitin software to confirm if matches have occured.

If you have been accused of cheating or plagiarism please see our further advice.

Help with Turnitin

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