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Providing independent, confidential, and impartial advice to all University of Worcester students

The OIA operates an independent student complaints scheme for Higher Education.

If for any reason you are unhappy with how the University has investigated your complaint you can take the matter to the OIA. However, you can only do this if you have exhausted the internal procedure of the University.

To make a complaint to the OIA you must have first received a university Completion of Procedures Letter. Once this has been recieved there is a 12 month deadline to take a complaint to the OIA.

The SAS can support any student in the process of making a complaint to the OIA.

Can the OIA look at my Complaint?

Some of the issues the OIA can review are:

* Any final decision of the university
* A service provided by the university
* Teaching and facilities
* Student accommodation
* Research supervision
* Welfare
* Discrimination - race, sex, disability, age, sexual orientation or religious belief
* Bullying and harassment
* Placements
* Maladministration
* Procedural irregularities
* Unfair practices
* Disciplinary matters, including plagiarism
* Fitness to practise issues

Issues the OIA cannot review:

* Admissions
* Academic judgment
* Student employment
* Matters which have already been considered by a court or tribunal and where the proceedings have been concluded
* Matters which are being considered by a court or tribunal where the proceedings have not been stayed.
* Matters which we consider have not materially affected the complainant as a student
* Matters which the OIA has already dealt with
* We will not normally look at complaints where the main issues complained about took place more than three years before the complaint is received by the OIA

How do I Take my Complaint to the OIA?

The OIA is an independent organisation and is free of charge to students. There are application forms online to make your complaint. However, the Student Advice Service strongly recommends that students take advantage of our support.

The process of complaining to the OIA can be lengthy and complicated and the SU have the professional resources to communicate with the OIA on your behalf.

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