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The Difference Between a Complaint and an Appeal

If you’re unhappy with an academic decision such as an assessment mark you can use the Appeals Procedure. You might be unhappy with certain aspects of your course or student experience, in this case you can use the Complaints Procedure to complain about a lecturer or a service, like Accommodation or Careers.

Submitting a complaint or appeal must be done on the correct form (however for complaints students must first attempt to resolve the matter informally).

Please note: For academic appeals students cannot appeal on the grounds of disagreeing with academic judgement, please ask for further advice.
The OIA's definition of Academic Judgement may be helpful

For more information regarding the complaints and appeals procedures and forms please click here.

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Library Services - Comments or Complaints

Library Services have a number of ways in which students can raise issues informally, including using their customer comments cards either in The Hive or online.

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Need Help Making a Complaint or Appeal?

The Student Advice Service can assist students to make complaints or appeals to the University of Worcester or just explain the procedures further. We can help you fill out the relevant forms and attend meetings with you to support you. Please get in contact if you need our help.

Complaints and Appeals Officer

If you have any queries about submitting a complaint or appeal or about the University's procedures contact the Complaints and Appeals Officer on 01905 855 396 or email

The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA)

The OIA operates an independent student complaints scheme for Higher Education.

If for any reason you are unhappy with how the University has investigated your complaint you can take the matter to the OIA. However, you can only do this if you have exhausted the internal complaints procedure of the University.

To make a complaint to the OIA you must have first received a university Completion of Procedures Letter. Once this has been received there is a strict three month deadline to take a complaint to the OIA.

The Advice Service can support any student in the process of making a complaint to the OIA.

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Students' Rights Under Consumer Law

All institutions which provide undergraduate courses must comply with consumer law. For more information on consumer rights see the CMA (Competition and Markets Authority) information for students.

For a more in depth briefing see this document.