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Representing and supporting students to develop and achieve
We've put together a list of the questions we get asked most often. Have a look below if you need help on a topic. If you can't find what you're looking for here you can also pop into the Students' Union, email us at studentsunion@worc.ac.uk or call us on 01905 543 210.


Academic Representation

How can I find out who my Course Rep is?

You can find out who your Course Rep is on SOLE.


How do I become a Course Rep?

Your course leader should arrange an election at the beginning of the year. If this doesn’t happen then contact your Vice President Education at e.morrison@worc.ac.uk


What is the difference between a Course Rep and an Institute Rep?

Course Reps represent students at the course level whereas Institute Reps represent students at Institute level meetings and forums. Institute Reps also support Course Reps in their Institute. Course Reps are mainly elected but Institute Reps are appointed.



Where can I find out about the different Officer roles in the SU and how to stand?

You can find information on all elected roles in the Elections Resource Hub.


What is Student Council?

Student Council is the Students’ voice in the Union’s governance structure and provides any student with the opportunity to try to influence the policy, priorities and activities of the Students’ Union. It is made up of up to 26 students, including the full-time and part-time elected officers and additional elected Student Councillors representing a range of student groups and interests.


How can I make a change?

Anyone can submit a motion to Student Council asking it to consider a proposal to change something within the Union or lobby the University to make a positive change for students. You can find all the documents you need here.


The Hangar

How do I book the Students’ Union bar, The Hangar?

You can email the Bar and Events Manager, Chris Greaves at c.greaves@worc.ac.uk, or pop in to the Students’ Union to book an appointment.


Help and Advice

I’ve been accused of Academic Misconduct. Will I be kicked off my course?

For a repeat offence, there is a chance you will be removed from your course. However, there is a wide range of penalties that can be applied before it gets that serious. Come in and see the SU Academic and Welfare Advisor for some support.


I need help with Mitigating Circumstances

We have an Academic & Welfare Advisor within the Students’ Union who you can have a chat with and get the right advice to help with Mitigating Circumstances and other advice such as housing or University related issues. Make an appointment here


I’ve been told a Turnitin score of 20% is okay, is that right?

Not necessarily, each report has to be looked at directly, come in and see the Advisor for some help. Make an appointment here


Can someone come to a meeting with me, I need support?

Absolutely, if you have difficult meetings to attend and need support and representation get in touch here.



When do I start looking for second year accommodation?

You should start to see information around campus about looking for accommodation for your second or third year before Christmas. The Students’ Union’s message is ’Don’t Rent Yet’ and make a decision you’ll regret. Instead, wait for our annual Housing Fair at the end of January which accredited landlords attend giving students the chance to arrange viewings and meet potential landlords.


Marketing and Communications

Can you promote my (society/club) event on the Students’ Union’s social media?

Probably, just make sure you give us enough time. Please see the Marketing your Club or Society document and additional information in the Committees’ Resource Hub.


Can I put these posters up in the Students’ Union?

As long as your posters are non-commercial, this should be fine, but we do need to approve them. Please see our guide to poster/flyer promotion and printing in the Marketing your Club or Society document.


I’ve done something amazing and I want to tell everyone about it. Can you help?

We’d love to! Whether it is academic, personal, sports or society related, email us at sucommnications@worc.ac.uk or pop by the SU Welcome Desk and ask to speak to someone about publicising your achievements. We publish a student achievement magazine, called Worc Hard Play Hard, every semester which we would love to include you in. We would also love to write about you on our website and share your story across our social media. Go #TeamWorc!


NUS Extra Cards

I can’t find Worcester University on the NUS Extra card online application, can I get an NUS Extra card?

Yes, of course you can still get an NUS Extra card. The NUS application lists Worcester as ‘Worcester Students’ Union’ online. We also sell them at the Welcome Desk in the Students’ Union where they will be printed there and then.


Where do I get my NUS Extra card from?

NUS Extra cards ordered online and delivered to the Students’ Union will arrive at the Welcome Desk in the SU. You will receive an email when they arrive.



Do you have any jobs in the Union?

All our jobs are listed on our vacancies page. We tend to have a recruitment round for student jobs for the following academic year (Sept start) in March/April each year. We do also have student jobs advertised throughout the year if vacancies arise so do keep a look out on the website.


I applied for a job at the SU but didn’t hear back…

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications we receive we are not always able to respond to unsuccessful applicants. Only applicants who are shortlisted for an interview are informed.


I’ve applied for SU jobs a few times but have never been successful.

The ‘Suitability for the position’ section of the application is where you need to detail the skills and attributes you can bring to the role. It’s really important to try and address each point in the Person Specification (detailed in the job description) too so your application is as good as it can be. We’re more than happy to give you advice on how to complete a good application so feel free to contact the SU President or the HR and Admin Coordinator in relation to this. We will also be launching a Guide to Application Forms in September. The University also has a Careers department who are able to offer support with job applications. Further details can be found here.


How many hours per week will I work?

Student jobs are for a maximum of 15 hours per week but can vary between 8 and 15 hours. Work hours can be discussed at interview.


What should I wear for a job interview?

It is important to make a good first impression so smart or smart casual dress code is recommended.


Societies and Sports Clubs

How do I start a new Sports Club or Society?

Starting a new club or society is easy, all you need is an idea and 4 students. Click this link to find out more. You can also chat to the Students’ Union VP Student Activities officer, Sophie Glenny. Pop in to the Students’ Union and make an appointment.


I’m interested in joining a sports club or society, what do I do next?

You can find out about all our sports clubs here and societies here. There will be information about the clubs and societies, what they do, when and where they do it and how you can get in touch. If you do choose to join a club you can do this anytime online through their club or society page or in person at the SU Welcome Desk.


Can I join any society or sports club?

YES! Our sports clubs and societies are inclusive to all students.


What is the balance on my club/society account?

If you go to the Finance office in the Students’ Union, they will print off a report for you, or you can email them at sufinance@worc.ac.uk


Can we get a float for an event?

Yes, go to the Finance office in the SU a few days before the event and this can be organised.


Do I need evidence to support my claim for expenses?

Yes, attach receipts to a Paid Out form available from Welcome Desk or SU Finance Office, or email sufinance@worc.ac.uk for a copy.


Can I be reimbursed for my expenses in cash?

No, all expenses are paid via BACs directly into your bank account. Payments are made every Friday with the money in your account the following Wednesday


What is the cut-off date for expense submission?

Expense claims must be approved and sent to the Finance Office by Thursday midday for inclusion in that week’s payment run. Drop this off or email the finance office at sufinance@worc.ac.uk



How can I get involved?

Speak to our PTO Sustainability and see what campaigns they are running!

Visit Katy Boom, the University’s Director of Sustainability and see what she is up to.

Have you heard of the Nature Society? You may want to join them, they host and partake in lots of sustainability activities and events.

Look at our volunteering opportunities with a sustainability focus.



Who can volunteer?

Anyone! All students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, part-time or full-time, home or international, are more than welcome to get involved with one of the many charities we work with.


How do I volunteer?

To volunteer, simply log into our website and browse our internal opportunities at the SU and our Worcester-wide providers for a variety of opportunities here.


How do I log my volunteering hours to the V-Record?

Log in and go to your volunteer profile where you can set up your volunteering role and then log the activity and hours as and when you work.

You will be able to log:

  • Community Hours
  • SU Volunteering Hours Elected
  • Volunteering Hours


Am I volunteering?

We define volunteering as an unpaid activity that involves spending time doing something that aims to benefit the environment, the local community or someone (individuals or groups) through a charity or third sector organisation.