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Record Panel Night (Levyraati)

Wed 25 November 2020 19:00-21:00

Microsoft Teams (Link will be released on social media pages and email)

Come and join us on the very first event of Record Panel Night (Levyraati in Finnish) on Wednesday 15th November at 7pm!


What is a record panel night?
In Finnish Primary Schools the classes have record panel days. On these days the kids bring their favourite CD's (atleast back in the days) to play to the whole class and everyone else can rate the songs they hear. This way the kids get to know different music genres and the best album wins something sweet!


In a nutshell: Introduce an album you like by playing an audiotape of few of your favourite songs and the other participants will rate it. The album with the best ratings will be announced as the winner!

Record Panel Night (Levyraati)