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Sun 10 November 2019 00:00-18:00

We all know that the First World War had a terrifying effect on Europe, especially on this specific country, which even didn't exist on the world map at that time!??

Can you guess what country is this? ??

2,000,000, troops took part, 450,000 died, 100,000,000 wounded, 100,000 civilians moved to labour camps and 800,000 deported to the East...

Of course, this country is... Poland! ????

After 123 years of being part of Russia, Prussia and Austria, finally, Poland regained its INDEPENDENCE on the 11th November 1918?? #11listopada

To celebrate this important day, 6 COUNTRIES from all over Europe are connecting to commemorate the recovery of POLAND "POLONIA RUN 1918" ??

Are you an active person? Would you like to show your respect and remembrance of this historical event?

Run with us on #poloniarun1918 to celebrate the 101st Anniversary of Poland Regaining Independence!????

Why take part in this?

?? commemorate this historic occasion

?? run together with other ''runners'' in 6 cities

?? No participation fee

??Everyone will receive a medal and a t-shirt

?? 10th November 12:30 am

Barbourne Ex-Servicemens Club, The Moors, Worcester, WR1 3ED

??Distance is 1918 m - Anniversary

??Gold, Silver, Bronze medals for the first 3 places in two categories: 1. Adults 2. Children under 16 years

And that's not the end...

??you don't have to run - you can walk!

??World War Exhibition (Veteran’s Club)

?? Free water and food to sample

??Live music

??Talks with the WWII Veterans

Register today at