Effects of Social Media and Battery Farming Debate

Thu 16 November 2017 19:00-21:00


What are we debating this week?

The first motion will be about Battery Farming. The second motion is about the effects of social media on modern society. Below is the important information about our society:

 What is debating? 
Debating gives you a chance to voice your opinion. You will speak in a team, typically made up of four members where you will have to convince the judges that your argument is the strongest.

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How do we debate?

Each week the committee releases two general topics.

When you arrive, we will explain the motion with an info slide. The motion is the statement of the debate and there will be two per session. You will have 15 minutes to browse the internet or anything you bring with you to prepare. After, you can join one of three sides:

  1. The Government
  2. The Opposition
  3. Judges Panel/Spectators

Government - is the side that supports the motion

Opposition - opposes the government

Judges - writes down the good and bad points of each team and provides feedback afterwards

Effects of Social Media and Battery Farming Debate