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Candidate for the position of Sustainability Officer



Since I was a child my parents learned me colours. Yellow is plastic, blue is paper, green is dark glass, white is light glass, brown is compost. Isn't it simple?

Actually, do something for our nature through recycling is more simple than you think. We can take care of our nature through the funny way of colours and have a feeling that we can do something, we are not just a small drop in the ocean.

What I would like to do, is to make students feel, that recycling isn't anything annoying and not even hard, we can „play“ with colours and actually do something for our environment.

I did many projects in my life, for example, last two and half years I organised my own art club for kids at pre-school. We have been in many galleries and visit a few exhibitions. Our main theme for past year were colours. How we see them, what they remind us and what they can mean. And I proudly have to say, that one of the examples was recycling. Plastic goes to yellow coloured bins and paper to blue bins.

It takes just a few footsteps to put our trash into the right bin.

I would like to do Worcester Award and if I can connect something simple that I can learn others and stand out from the line, then I have a big opportunity for my future to show how simple things as colours can change our daily life.