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Candidate for the position of Welfare Officer



Hello! I am a 2nd year English Literature student (Coffee, cat and book enthusiast also).

I am a passionate mental health advocate, currently chair of the Student Minds Society, School Rep of English, Media and Culture, and Residential Life Team Member.

Every individual matters: Acknowledging and supporting students’ wellbeing is of profound importance!

Whilst trekking through my own mental health battles, I continue to spread awareness and acceptance of all wellbeing matters!

I know I can make positive changes to wellbeing services at the University with you lovely students by my side!

Manifesto Points:

Easier Accessibility To Support:

Revamp the mental health and wellbeing website so students can find detailed information about support available from the University and external services within Worcester easily. A reformation of the self-referral form, making it less intimidating shorter, is also an aim.


More Mental Health and Wellbeing Events Created With The Community:

Worcester is an amazing city- Many local organisations want to work with the University at events, promoting wellbeing awareness/activities to students on campus and in the community. I want to make collaborations between our University and the community stronger!

Awareness Of All Conditions-Giving Everyone A Voice:

Diversity is respected in the University, however there is still work to be done! Everyone needs a voice- I want to see that all conditions, physically and mentally, receive the campaigning and respect they need.


Social media:

Twitter: @LittleRhiRhi_

Instagram: @helltoreality98

Facebook: Rhianna Elizabeth Levi