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Candidate for the position of BAME Officer



#HanWithAPlan For Change.

Hiya, my name is Hannah and I believe that each and every one of us, whatever background we are from, are here for the same outcome - equality and diversity.

I am studying Counselling Psychology. Last year I was a course rep, students felt at ease to communicate with me about any difficulties they had in the course.

I find that this role motivates me. Although I am proud to say Worcester embraces ethnicities, there is always room for improvements and in this position, I feel like I truly could make a very big difference here in Worcester. 


If elected for the BAME officer role, I promise to:


  1. Offer additional support to ethnic minority focus groups offering them a platform to be listened to. I think educating the university on more cultural differences would allow not only students of ethnic minorities to feel comfortable but also it would allow others to become educated on different cultures.
  2. I want to grow student involvement within BAME by celebrating religious and cultural holidays and offering days to celebrate different foods, music and major cultural differences.
  3. Work towards bringing everyone together and offering a forum of anonymity so that people who are less confident and don’t want to openly speak about issues or differences still have somewhere where they can share ideas and troubles.

I have lots of ideas to share and am very open for more. Feel free to email me anytime on